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Artist Statement —
  1. In a time where capitalism teaches us to use people and objects as disposable, I aim to create objects as tools to reconnect us.


Anything Space

After having conversations with the residents at Hart to Hart Community Garden we listened to what they wanted from the stucture we were setting out to design. We heard a mix of needs that varied from being social to more functional. 

SUSTAINIBILITY OF THE SPACE: Our structure is designed to not need much work or financial support to maintain. 

FURNITURE: We suggest watching on the sidewalks for (well inspected) furniture to collect and add to the space for communal use and ownership. 

ADDITIONS: We designed the space to easily accomodate new items that can be used for different activities. We also stuck to the low end of our budget so that there could be extra money that could be used to purchase extra items that would be decided on my the community. For example, a grill, solar panels, books, a dry erase board, a cooler, etc. 


Sustainable Water Collection: a tank collects rainwater from the slanted roof. There is a foot pump and a spout with a filter that can be used to wash vegetables on site. This to reduces the risk of bringing lead into the home from the garden.

The need I heard the loudest was for the space to have the potential for versitality of use. I illustrated these props to try to bring it to life for presentation. 

In the end, our design was not selected to be built in the space. From the feedback we recieved, the main feature our structure lacked was it being open and minimally disruptive to the current landscape.