1. Systems of Inspiration 
  2. As We Remember Them
  1. Private Parts
  2. Mom Bag
  1. Fashion Sketches
  2. Kibbutz-Nik
  3. SPILL
  4. Assorted
  1. Hart to Hart Garden Structure Model
  2. We’re Practically Related!

Artist Statement —
  1. In a time where capitalism teaches us to use people and objects as disposable, I aim to create objects as tools to reconnect us.


Systems of Inspiration

In this set of 13 rings, each one is engraved with a name and 13 dots. The names belong to people that inspire me, ranging from close friends to people that I simply share spaces with. Each dot represents another ring owner and is meant to connect the wearers to each other and to visually document my personal system of inspiration. 

They were distributed with a handwritten note that explains the project and a homemade pouch that holds the ring.